If you don't want your customers to fiddle with or look into your electronics then you could just send them out padlocked! But it would be a lot simpler to use the special screws or security sticker that Vero can supply!

Having prototyped, manufactured, tested and certified your design, it is reasonable to assume that it is now a stable product and should not be meddled with.
It is possible to enclose the circuitry in a sealed box, however this tends towards ‘disposable’ electronics. The vast majority of working designs are housed in packages that are manufactured in modular parts and secured together with fixings. This allows the manufacturer to assemble, repair, calibrate or update a product at any time in its life-cycle.

If you are concerned about product liability or hidden hazards inside such as high voltages then you probably need to have some security system to prevent tampering.

Vero Technologies now offer secure solutions to deter users from ‘taking the b...

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