Hit the market more quickly with stylish and practical enclosures from Vero Technologies.

Send us a pdf or dxf file and we can quickly turn your design into reality.

We can even help to fit 7in touchscreens as well as membrane panels to our Veronex and Patina product ranges. 

Easy access to i/o at both ends through end panels allows for great flexibility for connector types. Add to this the machining and digital printing available on-site and you can ensure a beautiful, tailor-made enclosure, is delivered to your doorstep in short timescales. No more sending it out to be machined and then again for printing! All this can be done on-site at Vero Technologies Ltd.




These have been used in a multitude of applications from Control, Instrumentation, Medical and cover everything in from small fob size right up to desk top instruments, with a huge array of formats and options. Veronex and Patina cover small battery-operated and mains powered systems in both fixed and mobile use, hard wired or RF linked.

Practical / Functional

Based around a clamshell type construction, assembly is an easy task, yet the design provides an excellent rigid enclosure, with inherent mechanical integrity - including IP64 rated designs.


Each unit is supplied as a complete kit of parts, with a range of optional accessories such as belt clips for personnel worn systems, battery compartments or wall mounting options.

In addition, there are solutions for adding keypads, display bezels and Infra-Red transparent windows for remote control, so options allow your solution to develop according to your needs. More recently, Vero Technologies has added the option of integrating flat screen displays into the front surface using our CNC capabilities.

Touch Screens


Fabricated typically from flame retardant ABS (UL94-V0) they are available in a standard range of RAL colours, but with the moulding done in-house, we can always provide custom colours or combinations. The moulding has a specially created textured finish, designed for ease of holding, especially beneficial in hand-held applications.

The ABS material is easily configured with basic workshop tools in the prototyping phase, end panels typically aluminium inserts, again these are designed to allow the user to create holes or cut-outs for cables, connectors or switches – once in production, we would welcome the opportunity to provide these as part of the kit. 

Digital Colour printing

Designed to look good in all applications, the Veronex and Patina range allow designs to not only look right, but allow the customer to develop an identifiable image, whether the product is destined for the office, laboratory or industrial environment. We believe that the enclosure has to not only perform its intended function, it should also look good. In addition to colour choice of the base material, Vero can offer full colour printing on the surfaces for notation or logos.

EMC protection

In addition to custom colours, we can offer internal EMC screening with a choice of sprayed conductive coatings giving a range of shielding effectiveness – maybe you would even like the ABS to have an anti-microbial agent added?



To get a quote please send us a PDF or dxf file and we can quote you promptly.   

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