If you don't want your customers to fiddle with or look into your electronics then you could just send them out padlocked! But it would be a lot simpler to use the special screws or security sticker that Vero can supply!

Having prototyped, manufactured, tested and certified your design, it is reasonable to assume that it is now a stable product and should not be meddled with.
It is possible to enclose the circuitry in a sealed box, however this tends towards ‘disposable’ electronics. The vast majority of working designs are housed in packages that are manufactured in modular parts and secured together with fixings. This allows the manufacturer to assemble, repair, calibrate or update a product at any time in its life-cycle.

If you are concerned about product liability or hidden hazards inside such as high voltages then you probably need to have some security system to prevent tampering.

Vero Technologies now offer secure solutions to deter users from ‘taking the back off’, offering a degree of tamper-proofing to the extensive range of enclosures on offer. Vero has 2 solutions: Security screws and Tamper proof labels:-


Security Screws: Typically fastened with Pozi screws, Vero Technologies can supply replacements for these with tamper-proof screws using the T10 hexalobe format and with a centre pin (Part Nos 50-5200 and 50-5201) (choose the correct length of the screw.) The correct screw length is shown under "Related Items" at the bottom of the product page on the web site.

You also need to buy the machined bit, part no. 50-2510 shown below.


This requires a specially machined bit to tighten or more importantly, undo the screw – this is available as Part No 50-2510. The screws and corresponding ¼” Hex Bit are available as separate items, so a user can choose to fix them in one or more of the fixing locations.


Typically, the security screws replace existing M3 fasteners – however in order to ensure the screws can be used in the widest of applications, a cutter is available to provide the clearance and correct countersink angle to properly seat the screws – available as Part No 50-2511.


Tamper Proof Label: Continuing on the theme to make designs tamper-resistant, Vero has added a range of self-adhesive tamper proof labels (Part No 50-2505). These can be affixed over the screw head, or along an opening edge of an enclosure.


This photo shows the residue of the label after it has been removed. . It is easy enough to peel off the label, however a second layer is revealed, carrying the warning “VOID”. It is impossible to remove this residue without damaging the surface of the product.


Making any product completely secure is virtually impossible but the use of the secure screws and labels will deter all but the most inveterate ‘fiddler’ giving a much greater degree of confidence that the device has not been compromised, or subject to potential false warranty claims.

Order our retrofittable security screw kits and tools today to prevent unauthorised access to your products !