How to mount large pcbs into a stylish enclosure !

You can also fit a carrying handle which folds to tilt the front of the case for easy use!

The answer :  IBX Cases from Vero ….. and we can machine the front panels for you and print on the notation

Enclosure solutions come in all shapes and sizes - but customer applications have a bewildering range of requirements, not least to provide aesthetically pleasing designs without compromising performance. The IBX range of enclosures addresses the needs of a versatile desk-top and portable instrument enclosure, large enough to house circuit boards, power supplies and any associated interconnect, displays and controls.

It features a common 275 x 250mm footprint, but then adds flexibility in a number of ways. The top and bottom mouldings are large enough to accommodate standard 6U Eurocard formats in either 160mm or 220mm depths, however the kit comes complete with PCB mounting clips to retain other board sizes.

The height of the finished enclosure is determined by the addition of side infills, resulting in a range of four different sizes, from 25mm to 100mm in height. These are identified as Type A for selection purposes.

When using the side infills, the facility exists to add a tilt and swivel handle, making the case ideal for portable applications and providing a raised front when used on the desk or bench, these are Type B cases.

To complete the range of options, various front and rear panels can be chosen. All these options allow a wealth of choices to create the ideal solution to your requirements.


Carry Handle

When choosing a Type ‘B’ enclosure, the optional carry handle can be ordered and fixed to the pre-drilled holes in the infill panels. The handle is supplied fully assembled with ABS side bars and an Aluminium cross bar capable of carrying up to 200N. The handle is easily attached to the side infill panel, screwed from the inside so the fixing is hidden.

The handle can be rotated, indexing in 30º increments – so it can be axially aligned for ease of carrying, then indexed to raise the front when used on the bench or desk-top. A recess is provided in the aluminium extrusion for a label or logo ident to be inserted.


Modular Construction

The top and bottom mouldings are formed in ABS material with an UL94-HB rating. In the slimmest form (25mm height) there is no need for infill panels. The kit features four adhesive PCB mounting clips that can be affixed to the moulding which has a reference grid pattern in the surface of both top and bottom mouldings to assist with correct alignment. All cases are supplied with four non-slip feet which also allow the units to be stacked. The whole assembly is secured with four screws which pass through the feet, bottom moulding and side infills (where fitted) and into inserts in the top panel. This provides a rugged construction, to accept bulkier internal components such as transformers.

Height Options

As already mentioned, the basic top/bottom mouldings result in a 25mm high enclosure – there are then three heights available using side infills, giving the additional options of 50, 75 and 100mm tall units. These side infills feature guides in the walls for horizontally mounting standard Eurocard sizes and the moulding also features guides for vertically mounted cards. As part of the infill design, we offer the infill panels in two option – Type ‘A’ is a conventional infill panel, Type ‘B’ has drilled holes in the side to allow the fixing of a carry handle

End Closure

One of the best ways to use the IBX standard range to provide an optimised solution is to select and customise the end panels. The end closure scheme is the same on both end of the housing, so it is totally open to mixing of front and rear panels. There are three panel options available for each of the 50mm, 75mm and 100mm height options. E.g.

Sloping Front panels

Ideal for desk mounted applications, the sloping front panel gives an improved viewing angle to read displays or for front panel controls. A series of slots in the underside also allows for ventilation of the enclosure. The panel is retained by lugs on the moulding which engage with the top and bottom covers. E.g.

Screw-on Panels

Fabricated in 3mm anodised aluminium, these panels are easily removable to gain access without having to dismantle the enclosure. They are retained with four fixing screws which fix to the mouldings. It is a feature that allows the panels to be secured to one moulding while wiring and internal construction and testing is completed, before the final closing is completed. E.g.


Captured Front Panels

As the name suggests, these are held in place by slots moulded in the top and bottom mouldings. Produced in 1,6mm anodised Aluminium, this type of panel is attractive with no externally visible fixings, thus offering an additional degree of security. E.g.


Vero Technologies offers a range of customisation so any of these options can be tailored to your needs.

Typically, the panels can be direct imaged with legends or logos as part of our tailoring service.

EMC screening can be added and remember, we also can offer custom colours to our moulding materials.