Bigger, better and nicer - what's not to like?

Vero’s Veronex product range has been further extended to accept larger display screens with the viewing area increased by 90%. A typical standard 16x2 display had a character size of 3.8mm x 2mm. The latest Veronex (Part No 75-228114_LCD_PLUS) can accommodate the newer displays with typical character sizes of 6.7 x 2.4mm or 5.55 x 2.95mm (e.g. Winstar WEH001602A or Lumex) – an increase in character area of over 100%, enhancing readability and widening the choice of display. .

The range of LCD displays available is extensive; RS Components and Farnell carry over 1000 part numbers between them from a large range of manufacturers. Not onl...

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