Monthly Archives: March 2019

  1. Enclosure Modifications

    Vero Technologies offer a diverse range of Plastic and Aluminium enclosures covering the broadest range of applications. These standard products have intrinsic characteristics that allow for selection to cover physical size, performance and aesthetic attributes for the customer’s target system.

    The use of off-the-shelf standard products offers a number of benefits, primarily avoiding non-recurring engineering charges and reduced lead times to create a functional and professional enclosure to meet the demands of the application. The ranges have all been proven in the field and offer many features.

    Despite all the above benefits, there is still one common requirement …. any standard enclosure will need to be further worked. This may be to add holes for connectors, switches or indicators/displays or a myriad of other features such as adding legends or mounting fixtures. Typically, this is achieved by doing this secondary operation in-house or is put out to sub-contractors...

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