The fight against Vibration!

The anti-vibration PCB guides from Vero Technologies Ltd have been carefully designed to hold the PCB firmly but also to allow for easy insertion and extraction. Dxf files are available on-line to make it easy to incorporate them into your design.

The design also allows for good airflow around the pcb for cooling. The material, Nylon 66, has a high temperature resistance.

The anti-vibration guides include flexible fingers to provide a damping effect from vibration, designed to press fit into sheet material. A range of standard lengths is available and the design of the entry slot allows multiple use for long card applications

Part No.Overall length
29-124663.50 mm
29-124788.9 mm
29-1248104.8 mm
29-1249104.8 mm
29-1250161.9 mm
29-1251174.6 mm

The guides clip into the base material for easy assembly.

On the web site, detailed information is available on the dxf drawings : ,

How to extract your PCBs easily?

Use one of Vero’s range of PCB Handles !On the low-profile guide shown below, Vero can digitally print your pcb information on it.

Moulded card handles in five different designs for applications where a conventional front panel is not being used, but where the card requires identification or the extraction force for the card requires some sort of gripping device to avoid damage to parts on the card or PCB.

The handles are supplied with the necessary fixings and in packs of 10 unless otherwise stated. Bulk packs are also available: if required, please contact our sales desk for information and discounted pricing.

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