Plastic Enclosures Modification

Moulded standard enclosures of any form all have one weakness, they are all built on compromises and require modification to suit a specific application. We offer a modification service for all plastic enclosures including machining finishing and printing. Key advantages of the manufacturer providing this service are:

  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced time to market
  • Reduced supplier base
  • Improved quality of the delivered product, we know how to machine our products.

Moulded enclosures are a popular choice of housing. Available in sizes from key fobs, through hand-held units up to desktop instrument housings, they provide style and functionality at low cost. With the addition of high performance coatings to the internal and external surfaces of the units, they also provide enhanced protection against damage to the housed electronics from a wide range of external threats and at Vero we can supply all of these finishes and coatings. For more information on finishes, click on our Coatings and Finishes page.

To ask us to provide a quotation for your needs, please email us, telephone on +44(0) 1489 776933 
or upload your requirements, drawings or sketches through the upload link at the foot of the page.