1. Veronex – Enhanced Display

    Bigger, better and nicer - what's not to like?

    Vero’s Veronex product range has been further extended to accept larger display screens with the viewing area increased by 90%. A typical standard 16x2 display had a character size of 3.8mm x 2mm. The latest Veronex (Part No 75-228114_LCD_PLUS) can accommodate the newer displays with typical character sizes of 6.7 x 2.4mm or 5.55 x 2.95mm (e.g. Winstar WEH001602A or Lumex) – an increase in character area of over 100%, enhancing readability and widening the choice of display. .

    The range of LCD displays available is extensive; RS Components and Farnell carry over 1000 part numbers between them from a large range of manufacturers. Not onl...

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  2. From Zero To Hero In Less Than 48 Hours

    On a particular Wednesday, a customer visited. "We have an Exhibition in Germany next week, so I need an enclosure to put these components in, and by the way, I need it assembled as well, all by Friday. Can you do it?"

    He had tipped out some boards and...

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  3. June 2017. It's not just beauty that is skin deep!

    Having chosen your enclosure from our wide range of ABS products, used our PCB test pins and had your enclosure machined for all your i/o connectors, you need to think of the current carrying traces that might be important.

    Did you know that there is...

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