Professionalise your prototype – Vero will print your logo & notation on one of our enclosures for FREE!

Come to us if you want to impress your colleagues with a smart, fully modified and printed enclosure

Just send us a jpeg of your image/notation and a quick drawing of its location and size …. and then we can print it immediately!

Whether it is a finished production item, initial sample or development pieces, it pays to produce an aesthetically pleasing, professional implementation to any design, clearly displaying your brand and any user notation or legend.
Vero Technologies have always offered a customising service to provide its customers with modifications to their enclosure, front panel or other hardware making changes to features such as colour, notation, holes and the like. Previously surface details such as ident, nomenclature and graphics were applied using silk-screen printing or by engraving, using our CNC or Laser machining centres.

These remain as options however; we have now extended our product offerings and services with the addition of a full colour print capability; now you can get it all done by Vero in a one-stop shop – No more sending it out for printing, raising various purchase orders and handling different suppliers - we take care of the whole process.
Using a UV curable inkjet colour printer, notation and images can be created and printed directly onto a range of surfaces using UV curable inks. The inkjet printer offers an exceptional level of detail and with a stunning colour palette. In addition to the normal CMYK colour range the printer also features a substrate primer to offset the effect of the base material when printing onto strong colour backgrounds. Another ink option allows for a gloss coating to overprint the image or text for an enhanced effect and additional protection.


The printing is suitable for plastic or metal surfaces and can even accommodate curved sections, such as those featured at the edge of the Veronex range of hand-held enclosures, allowing printing out to the margins.


For the more adventurous designs, it is possible to add a ‘texture’ background image as well as characters – how about a carbon fibre, wood or leather look to your design? …. you choose.


The inks provide a durable finish, resisting both chemical and physical abrasion and with the existing need for a screen (or typically multiple screens) eliminated, the setup, unit cost and lead time are kept low. Artwork can be imported in a number of formats, or Vero Technologies can generate it for you, and unlike silk screens, is easily scalable or modified. The use of combined inks allows for tonal variation not achievable with screen printing.


Using the various techniques available, Vero Technologies can produce an enclosure or front panel tailored to your needs. We are confident that we can produce a superb example of a customised part …. So sure, in fact, that we are offering a limited free sample printed with your requirements to qualifying customers. Send your enquiry to us at for an evaluation.