09-2196 Budget Eurocard 100X160

09-2196 Budget Eurocard 100X160

01-2680 Strip board 112 X 176 mm also sold as 05-2680

Single sided Veroboard stripboard 111.76 X 176.53 mm manufactured from SRBP 1.6mm material laminated with 35 micron copper material.

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Imperial dimensioned low cost conventional stripboard This board provides 40 tracks with 61 holes per track Unpunched strips at each side of the board and clear sections at one end of each strip. Single Sided copper on SRBP base material Ideal circuit development board for hard wiring discrete components Hole diameters are 0.040 inch or 1.02mm nominal Other sizes and metric products are available

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Price per pack of 1
Type Veroboard
Width mm 111.76mm
Hole Size 1.02mm
Veroboard_2.pdf (125.59 kB)

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